Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sorted sausage tortilla

This was from the recipe book Beginners get sorted.  I discovered these boys quite by accident on you tube ---------> here <--------- 

Usually I steer clear of how to begin to cook books aimed at students. Somehow there seems only so much pasta and baked beans I can get enthusiastic about (and I hate baked beans) But this book is simple but tasty food. It is also very impressive and the boys make it fun on their website and youtube to follow. 

A Tortilla in this sense is an oven baked kind of thick omelette, It can have many types of filling and traditionally for the spanish tortilla it has onions and potatoes. I was looking at the book and trying to find a recipe that was quick and meant I didn't need to run to the shop and this fitted the bill.

Sausages, onion, mushrooms and potatoes went into the version I cooked from the book.  There may of been more but I don't have the book to hand.  However this is great served hot from the oven with salad or beans as the book shows.  It's great the next morning for breakfast or a lunch dish or packed lunch. Since making the original I have made many versions with veg that needs using up or left over meats etc.  And even Quorn sausages went down really well and worked in this.

So, if you are not yet acquainted with the Sorted boys go visit you tube or their web page.  I promise you you are in for a surprise at what food they are aiming at beginners and even seasoned cooks like me are following with interest and cooking their recipes.

Friday, 12 October 2012

hello there

I have been baking and cooking up a storm lately and loving it. However my laptop will not switch on and I may not gt it fixed until after Christmas.  Going to blog as much as I can with phone app and sons laptop when I am allowed, but may be very limited and erratic.  Meanwhile I am taking notes and lots of photos to post when I do get a chance to blog :o)