Saturday, 2 February 2013

Ham hock revisited

After cutting most of the meat off for the linguine dish I spent a few minutes picking off rest of meat. Quite a large handful of bits were left.

Usually Friday is pizza day but just lately it's been a bit 50/50 and after a week of feeling yuck just really couldn't be bothered. So opened the fridge and there's the ham and a small chunk of cheese left, tomatoes and a cucumber. Foraging in freezer found oven chips so add some eggs and we have an omelette and a meal kids loved and more importantly a quick, easy tasty meal.

All I did was crack 6 eggs in a bowl, add the finally chopped ham and the cheese in sort of flat slithers and seasoned with pepper. Fried off gently in butter and finished under the grill. Not the gourmet 'proper' way of doing omelette but how kids like it.

So to date one ham hock has given 6 portions of food :-) and stock still to use.