Saturday, 13 April 2013


On Sunday we had a lovely shoulder of lamb with salad, pitta, hummus and a few extra bits,  it was delicious.  Although we all ate well there was a fair bit of lamb left.   Now for some reason I kept thinking of corned beef hash out of The American Diner cookbook I have and decided to follow the recipe kind of for that using lamb.

We started picking the lamb off the rest of the bone and leaving it in bite size ish chunks,  peeled 4 medium ish potatoes and cubed and boiled until just tender but still firm then drained and set aside.  I actually peeled 5 potatoes but my granddaughter thought these were fab and kept coming out in the kitchen to demand yet another piece of cooked potato.

I chopped an onion and fried until soft in a big knob of butter.  When softened and sweeter but not brown I tipped in the potato and lamb mixing well with some pepper and smushed it down a bit.  I turned the heat up to medium and now and then when the bottom got crusty and crunchy I turned it over with a spatula and mixed it round a bit.

Ok, it doesn't look pretty but was smelling great already.

See the crusty bits? They may look burnt but they are flavour explosions ;o) I carried on like this for a while but I still wanted a mix of soft meat/potatoes and slightly crunchy crusty ones to.

Once I had got a good ratio of crispy and soft I made a few wells into the mixture and cracked in some eggs. and left to gently simmer in the pan with a lower heat for 5 minutes or so.  I then put the pan lid on for 5 minutes although I would do a little less next time for more oozy eggs. 

Not looking the best pan of food I have to admit

With some peas and tomato sauce for sauce lovers it was a lovely meal.  I might of added bread and butter for people with bigger appetites but we didn't need it.  We had almost decided on using the lamb for shepherds pie but very glad we didn't. I suppose it is not much different to bubble and squeak but with no vegetables.