Friday, 6 December 2013

Experiment with vodka

Someone mentioned toffee vodka earlier in the week which led to a discussion on Facebook between toffee or chocolate vodka. After checking cupboard for vodka and buying some Werther originals I quickly put together a batch which should be ready Sunday I hope 

First of all I I got organised. Was about to pulverise them in a pestle and mortar, then decided I wasn't in mood for pulverising. So I blitzed instead. 

Just under a bag as these had extra free. Was surprised to see how light they looked blitzed 

Next job was pouring into a jar and covering with vodka to make a very murky looking liquid. 

I stirred it a bit and now will leave for a day or 2 for the sweets to dissolve. Need to top up the vodka to as didn't have as much in cupboard as I thought. Will give it a gentle shake as I walk by. 

Will update you on Sunday.