Monday, 10 October 2011

Fridays sky

After a busy day on Friday, I decided to walk down to the shops with younger son and buy a lottery ticket.  Plus a walk is never a bad idea with younger kids to help wear them out.  It turned out to be an amazing walk.  The sky had some amazing colours and clouds and a rainbow.  The chatter on the way down included rainbows, spectrums, war of the worlds, dinosaurs and a few other things.  Was lively but relaxed.  Took a few photos to
L said big cloud looked like a fish with legs at back instead of fins!
Remembering ROY.G.BIV to help remember the colours on a rainbow.
Was a fun walk and we didn't get rained on.  All the photos were taken within same 2 minutes so was interesting to turn and see all the different colours and shapes in one place.