Friday, 1 June 2012

June already

Hard to believe we are coming up to almost half way through the year.  I have been in a bit of a slump in most departments of life and blogging has suffered a little.  So I am going to use June to try and blog once a day just to get back into the habit of it all again.  It might not all be cooking but it will be blogging at least

So this evening I decided to share with you what we had for our tea/dinner. Sausage kebabs
I made a discovery some years ago (not saying how many) that my children would eat most things if it came on a stick. There were a fair few fruit kebabs years ago. Grapes all lined up on a stick and frozen was a popular summer snack for both adults and children.

A few days ago I was watching I can cook on cbeebies. They made something similar using rosemary stalks as skewers. But when Luke asked me for sausages I decided to do these with veg left in the fridge so it was orange pepper and chestnut mushrooms and pork sausages cut in thirds.  to add a little more flavour I mixed some Dijon mustard and runny honey in equal measures and painted onto the kebabs.  In a moderate oven while I boiled my pasta and made a basic garlic and tomato sauce for it, so around 20-25 minutes.  Kids loved it 9 years old and 7 month old ate it all with no complaints, and 3 lots of their 5 for fruit and veg :o)