Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pork chops with peppers

Gordon Ramsey has a new book out Ultimate cookery course  And although I have never been a massive fan of Gordon's I decided to give it a go.  It's not Gordon's cooking or his style etc that puts me off, it's the fact I have 3 children plus others that all seemed to demand different things and for a while I think I actually almost gave up cooking food food in favour of baking which was less likely to provoke the usual 'I hate onions' 'there's nothing weird in here mum?' and I am not eating sweetcorn/green things/round things/ or anything with the letter r in them this week!' But eventually my love of cooking, not just baking, reemerged :o)

Yesterday it was just Luke (9) Ever(1) and I ( you can guess if you like but I am 21 honest!) eating, and the butcher had a sale on free range pork chops so this fitted the bill.  I had seen this cooked on here so I am not going to repeat the recipe on here.

Sweet and sour peppers are FANTASTIC, in fact I think I would love these on burgers instead of just onions or added as a side to lots of meals.  And they are so easy to do to.  Luke hates onions that have any taste or bite, but he loves the hairy dieters sweet and sour so I was hoping the flavours would convince him, which they did.  Gordon points out the vegetables should be hissing in the pan and cooked on high.  I personally wouldn't of kept it that high if he hadn't of said for fear of burning everything to a cinder, but I followed his advice and it all worked well. I cooked the peppers ahead of time and the pork chops when we needed them.

Pork chops are a bit of a sketchy point for me.  I always seem to end up with dry or tough chops unless they are cooked in a sauce or tray baked in the oven.  So I followed the recipe to a Tee and basted them with butter and left to rest as long as they were cooked.  Oh my!  these were gorgeous. 

 I added a small cup of cous cous I had made with a little of the thyme to echo the pork chops and drizzled it with pan juicess, heavenly.  The left over pepper juices went over the chops.  This was a seriously impressive mid week meal but was so easy. 

It's not the best looking photo of a plate of food, and I must buy some plates that aren't so colourful as they don't help show off the beautiful colours in the foods. 

Luke demolished his and spent about 10 minutes trying to chew last of pork off the bone, and he hates his meat on the bone!  Ever actually had a beefburger ( butchers special one) and the cous cous and peppers and she hoovered hers down to.  So I am feeling more heartened to go forth and experiment more again.  Maybe just maybe I can find more meals that won't leave my head reeling at the logic of why they can't/won't eat it ;o)