Sunday, 4 March 2012

hassleback potatoes

 These are potatoes I remember my Mum cooking for us when we were younger. They are so simple and can be done with any sized potatoes from new to bigger baking potatoes.  I started with preheating the oven at gas mark 7.  Butter the base of a cooking tin and peel some rooster potatoes.  I have done these with all sorts of potatoes and red rooster potatoes were what I had today.
Trick to slicing these almost all the way through is to place a wooden spoon behind the potato you are cutting through and you should cut them in thin slices about thickness of a pound coin I would think. I lost a few ends but no harm done. The wooden spoon stops the knife cutting all the way through. If you do cut one in half then don't fret you just have smaller ones

Melt some butter, I did mine in a mug in microwave, then using a pastry brush brush the butter over and if possible between the slices by easing them open slightly and gently. I usually do this with olive oil but was inspired to use butter from a recipe I saw.  Then season with salt and pepper and place in the oven for 45 minutes


After 45 minutes the potatoes are just beginning to brown and are not quite but almost very nearly knife tender. Different sizes of potatoes will obviously take more or less, so keep an eye on them.  I decided to grate some mature cheddar and
put back in the oven for the final 15 minutes.

At this point they were ready to serve up. Those brown cheese bits in the tin were served up to.  crispy shards of crunchy cheese.  Got to be good ;o) So here you have it a family favourite.
A friend on twitter says she is going to give it a go using garlic butter.  Sounds brilliant, will have to try it myself next time I think to.