Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Update on victoria sponge experiment

In my previous post I promised a Victoria sponge experiment with my 9 year old.  It did happen not to long afterwards just went into a blogging silence. Now my 9 year old Luke has mild cerebral palsy and due to this the muscles in his hands are weakened.  We don't let this stop our fun though. And Luke loves helping with cooking, so we agreed that to do this fairly we would use only the basics, a wooden spoon and a bowl.

So we started off raiding cupboards to discover no caster sugar so we subbed light muscavado. Worked well.  We cracked 4 eggs and weighed them at 224 grams.  So we also measured out the same weight in sugar, softened butter and self raising flour. Luke asked for vanilla extract so we put a lid full in.  Butter was room temp and soft and Luke knocked himself out stirring madly until everything was combined near enough thoroughly. We needed to add just over a tablespoon of milk to make a dropping off spoon easily consistency to.

We divided the cake mix into 2 sandwich tins and placed in preheated moderate oven for around 35 minutes.  Until risen and skewer came out clean.

We left the cakes in their tins for a few minutes then turned out and cooled on a cake rack taking off the greaseproof paper we lined tins with.

The filling we used was seedless raspberry jam and some simple whipped cream.

Bit of icing sugar for decoration

And hey presto!!  One very gorgeous Victoria sponge style cake made by an amateur. If Luke can do it folks no one has an excuse ;o)