Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ground cinnamon buns

Yesterday after promising older son the other day I would make these for him I finally got around to them, I was interested in Jo Wheatley's way as they were baked individually and not together.  So worth a whirl I thought after last weeks success with the cheesy bread. 

The bread dough was enriched with milk and butter.  The filling is the dough slathered in melted butter then covered in demerara sugar and ground cinnamon. Cut into 9 and placed in individual muffin holes.  I put the rough ends in to as waste nothing and chefs perks came to mind. 

next few photos are the bottoms obviously.  We preferred to darker gooey ones.  But any of them were delicious.

The icing was simply butter, icing sugar cinnamon and cream cheese.  And was put on while the buns were still warm mmmmmm.

Son came home from work and eventually tried one (he had just eaten before he came home) and announced the icing tasted exactly like Cinnamon Grahams! Big compliment on his behalf believe me.  All in all it seems Jo's recipes are going to become well known in our home and look forward to exploring more of the book.