Friday, 2 December 2011

Betsy's scotch pancakes

A few weeks ago I saw a book while out shopping Dan Lepards Short & Sweet .  I had heard many good things on twitter so decided after a flick through to buy the book. I have a few more of Dans books and his way of making bread works wonderfully. I am already a fan of his.

 What I usually do with a new cook book is find the most 'simple' recipe in the book and give that a go first.  Mainly because I have found if the simple recipe goes wrong then there usually isn't much hope for the rest of the book! So I spent some time reading through and deciding on the first thing to try and Betsy's Scotch pancakes were the choice I made with the help of my pancake mad 9 year old :o)

We halved the recipe as there were only 2 of us eating.

because I am not the most brilliant I can be first thing in the morning I started the measuring the night before and put the dry ingredients, after first sifting it all together, in a covered bowl.

in the morning I simply measured out my milk and beat my eggs. then add eggs to the dry mix and beat with most of the milk.  Keep a little milk back at first as you may not need it all. It should form a thick batter.

heat your pan with a little of your butter until it sizzles and then wipe excess out of pan with kitchen paper. Drop the batter into the pan in about 2 tablespoons worth of batter and wait until the first bubbles in the batter start to pop before flipping them over.  I found I needed the pan to be heated below medium but that of course will differ with each pan and your own stove.
To keep these warm as you cook the rest of the batch, lay a clean tea towel over a cooling rack and wrap them in the towel as you carry on cooking.

These come out thick and fluffy but not to dry and cloying as some can do. I have since made them with blueberries to and they went down very well with my 9 year old :o) For a first simple recipe it was a roaring success. So far I have cooked 6 or 7 things from the book and all have come out as they should and tasted great. Would recommend the book to anyone.  Plus I can see myself trying to get through most of the book.
Not a brilliant shot I admit, but it does show off the fluffy inside.  We ate ours simple spread with butter. Perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea :o)