Sunday, 4 December 2011


last month I signed up for a wonderful cookie swap over at and earlier in the week I got my first parcel from Alison  over at Earlier in the week.  A beautifully packed parcel held delicious delights
The squirrel card made me smile and how can a brown paper package with ribbon not make anyone smile.  These were safely protected with miles of bubble wrap :o) and hidden inside was a zip lock bag of cookies, chocolate orange cookies to be precise.  There was just the right chocolate orange ratio.  Just a crisp thin outer layer and a soft interior.
I hid them from the boys as they were home Wednesday, one sick and one due to the strikes, and smugly ate one on the sly in the kitchen.  Delicious :o)  I shared the rest honest.  But can't wait to get hold of Alison's recipe for these.  Thanks for a wonderful batch of cookies Alison :o)