Sunday, 12 February 2012

malibu cupcakes

Last night I was home alone and having a drink and chatting on twitter like you do and the idea of cupcakes flavoured with Malibu came up so it just had to be done of course. I used the hummingbird bakery cookbook and used their vanilla cupcake recipe recipe and vanilla butter cream icing recipe but with a few changes

For the cake it had 120 ml of whole milk.  I used 90 ml milk and added 30 ml of Malibu.  This turned out to be pretty subtle so would maybe up it a bit more next time but not to much.  There was a subtle coconut flavour and it balanced out the icing well

For the butter cream icing there was 25 ml of milk used in the icing.  So I subbed 15 ml of milk for Malibu and it was stronger but still not overpowering but just the right amount I personally thought. 

Now I am pretty hopeless with the piping bag but a couple of these came out passable :o)  Finally getting the hang of it maybe? For the sprinkle element I used dessicated coconut that I had coloured with a few drops of red food colouring. Simply put it in a small jar and stirred in the colouring until it was evenly coated.  Left to dry out on a sheet of kitchen paper until it was needed. Although it looks more orange than red but never mind. 

Loved how light and fluffy these turned out to be.  I tried the red velvet cupcakes and they were a disaster so was relieved these came out OK.