Wednesday, 15 February 2012

pre made cake mix? Really?

The other night I was merrily shopping in Tesco for a few bits I needed for an afternoon tea we were having on V day, I tend to prefer to go shopping when there are less people and I have no kids with me, shopping gets me stressed. Anyway I walked past this shelf at the end of the aisle and stopped and thought 'no way'  Went back but yes pre made cake mix.  I mean where is the fun to that?

Victoria sponge mix is flour, butter, eggs and sugar. you can flavour it easily with a multiple things to suit your needs and in any size you want. I was thinking most people have these things in their kitchen anyway so considering time it takes to go to shops and buy this mix then come home and cook it is wasteful as you could of had cake baked and cooled ready to fill by time you were back from shop.

On the other hand I showed my 19 year old this photo and his response was 'That's Awesome!' Somehow with those two words I think I somehow have failed as a mother.  I'll live but this kid at some point is going to be making a cake from scratch and loving it.

I posted about this on twitter last night and it turned out to be the most re tweeted post I have ever posted.  Opinions are strong with this it seems. Found out in certain places you can find premade flapjack mix to cook to!  Who knew.

Suddenly I am struck with fear at how many people are going to grab a packet mix, or those add milk/water bottles and shake for pancake day next Tuesday. Somehow I feel the need to go back to basics and show the world how to do the simple stuff. I'm not sure if it's the time thing people think they are short on or if it's simply them not knowing, but it really makes me sad.

So this afternoon I will be making a Victoria sponge with my 9 year old.  He has problems with his hand muscles being a little to loose so has trouble with grip.  But I am telling you if he can do this by hand with no help then most able bodied people have very little to excuse themselves buying these mixes.

So I will be reporting back tonight after this afternoons fun of cooking with a 9 year old and 7 month old baby in tow, to report how simple a Victoria sponge cake is.

******* update ******Due to a very fretful clingy 7 month old we postponed the cake making until tomorrow or Friday. So I will update then.