Thursday, 2 January 2014

Garlic Bread is the future

Until about 6 months ago I hadn't even heard of the Garlic bread sketch by Peter Kay,  now you can't mention Garlic Bread without someone happily squawking out the whole scene. But as good and loved garlic bread is all that butter is not a good thing.  I found a Paul Hollywood recipe that used roasted garlic and cooked that within the bread dough itself. It works beautifully. 

The white bread dough was just normal white bread dough mix with a little added butter to the mix, you could use olive oil to I think. Once the dough had been kneaded and was left proving I was left to peel 3 bulbs worth of garlic. Went fairly fast watching TV. the garlic was sprinkled with 1 tsp caster sugar and a tbsp of olive oil and roasted for 20 minutes at gas mark 5 until golden and soft.  Mine was a touch over in places.  Then left to cool

The garlic was simply then kneaded through the proven dough and then divided in 2 and stretched into rough rectangles, then placed on a silicone paper or oiled tin and left to double in size again

then a simple drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of dried oregano and we were ready to bake for 25-30 minutes at gas mark 6 

The garlic did go a bit dark and it added to the pungency although a few were a bit to dark.  We left it to cool before trying it, rare in our house it's usually cut into while still warm.

Cutting through I thought the garlic looked very sparse, but it did permeate the bread with  lovely garlic flavour, then very now and then you got a more pungent, slightly chewy gorgeousness. Definitely a make again and play with recipe