Monday, 30 January 2012

Sally continued

After 5 days or so of feeding Sally daily I had a jar full of active bubbly sour starter I was elated.  So I measured out what I needed with rest of ingredients as suggested by the fabulous baker brothers and set this to knead/mix in the KitchenAid mixer.  So plan was I would feed Sally and store her in the fridge until next time.  So I placed Sally on the draining board, measured in my flour added water and gentle stir.  Next thing I know there's a massive chunk missing out the jar and Sally is trying to escape down the sink.leaving me with this.....

Now at this point I am shocked and really flabbergasted.  I had the insight to scrape a few tablespoons worth into the first container I could find and started to feed it and start all over again.  Won't take to long but heart breaking.  Meanwhile  dough is kneaded and left to rise for almost 4 hours while I got kids to bed and watched time team etc.  Came back to the kitchen to domed clingfilm and massively risen dough.

Then I left it to rise again overnight in a well floured mold.  Unfortunately my dough was to wet and ran a bit to much so I had a puddle of dough to cook this morning, But didn't affect the taste.  I really was left wondering why I stopped making this amazing bread and already planning on another loaf really soon and sourdough pancakes at the weekend