Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Crabmeat and pea shoot foo yung

After the excess of Christmas most of us are looking at ways to cut back and shrink waistlines back to normal . with this in mind and wanting to use up what was in the house and eat well but not feel I was missing out on extravagance I decided on Goks crab meat and pea shoot foo yung . ok I bought pea shoots but would of gone without if I hadn't of had to go to a shop. I swapped the picked white crab meat for a tin of crab meat chunks . for a meal for tea with broccoli I steamed with a little soy sauce it was a perfect bowl of tv food .

1tbsp veg or groundnut oil
 small red onion thinly sliced
4 eggs beaten and seasoned with salt, pepper, 2 tsp fish sauce and 1/2 tbsp light soy sauce . 
4 tbsp frozen peas, I used petit pois
 tin of drained crab meat chunks
2 spring onions shredded

 with all that happily prepped and my broccoli steaming I pre heated my wok over a medium heat and added my oil and added my red onion until it was softened and starting to brown . 
Add in your peas and a table spoon of water and stir occasionally in the few minutes,it takes them to cook . they should be just undercooked and water evaporated.

I then added the seasoned eggs and strange colour they looked but I carried on . Stirring as you would scrambled eggs as you want clumps not an omelette. when almost cooked check fir seasoning adding a bit more soy if needed . then sprinkle over the crab meat around the edge for a shirt while until heated through . stir through gently with the spring onions and serve up for two lucky people . with a few pea shoots if you have them . 
I worked this out with what I used as 338 calories and an extra 25 for the broccoli. we finished dinner off with a fruit salad and feeling very much treated . 

Being our Chinese takeaway is closed on Tuesdays it is of course the day that I crave Chinese. this is a recipe that is fast, easy and good for curing those cravings.