Thursday, 31 January 2013

New beginnings

Well not yet but soon in a month or 3 (who knows really) I will be having a new kitchen and bathroom fitted. 10 days of absolute chaos promise to be given to me. So I'm left with the joy of going through my cupboards etc and a chance to sort out what is essential and what needs to be given to a new home.

Meanwhile I have decided that I need to start using the food I have squirrelled away in the cupboards and freezer etc. I grew up in a family where money was always short but the food was always good. Very lucky on that score. But it does teach you to have lots on hand for hard lean times. So I have decided to save my money and use these things up and see if I can find some new recipes or ideas for old favourites.

As I was rummaging today I was almost praying there wasn't a tin of steak pie filling in my cupboards. My great aunt used to give them to me. Luckily there wasn't. I'm not fussy food wise but those tins of steak and gravy never tasted or felt right in my mouth and still to this day gross me out. Start me off with a lb of steak any day!

Today though I raided the freezer for a smoked ham hock that was on offer at the butchers not to long ago :-) so I will let you know how that goes later

Posts could get a bit strange cooking wise as I do want to explore more outside my normal comfort zone.

Meanwhile, why not have a rummage in the back of your cupboards or deep freeze and see what you have to use that you forgot you had? You might be pleasantly surprised.