Sunday, 13 January 2013

Parsnips and chorizo


This may not look like the most wonderful side dish going but it certainly tasted good. I was going through Stephane Raynauds book 365 reasons to sit down and eat. Rediscovered this book again and decided to flick through.  Parsnips and chorizo not an obvious pairing but they work well. 

Started off peeling 2 parsnips into chips. Slicing half an onion and put  them on a low heat to saute for 15 minutes with a generous splash of olive oil, Stir occasionally and by the end half they will have picked up some colouring be slightly crispy in places but mostly sweet and soft and somehow mellowed.  Then add a fair chunk of your chorizo sausage, I used the cured one, and cut it into chip shapes but finer than the parsnips and saute them all together for another 5 minutes.  No additional seasoning needs to be added. 

Pretty simple and basic skills needed recipe which I scaled down to be suitable for 2 people.Not an OMG amazing but it did add a lovely pizzazz to pork chops and different to plain boring veg