Thursday, 3 January 2013

Meatballs and maker!

A little while ago I was having one of my can't sleep nights and ended up browsing Amazon on my phone and found the above beauties at a low price, listed as a meatball maker.  Which at 3 am seemed the perfect piece of kit for portioning out cookie dough. Well they arrived and looked just like the picture showed and were forgotten until today as was a bit busy with Christmas etc.

Being January has had the household eating more healthily today we decided on the hairy dieters meatballs in tomato sauce.  Which start off with finely grated carrot and half a medium chopped onion. The colours using
a red onion seemed a vibrant pleasing start.

After the mixture was hand squidged together I went in with the meatball maker. Well it worked perfectly. Compacted the meat well and uniform shapes and even made the recommended 24 balls like the recipe said. There is a single hole in each of the 2 cups which help with the removal I would imagine and do leave a couple of bumps in the meatballs but a little press as you put the balls down solve this problem.  

Not the best picture below colour wise but the meat balls all survived browning and tossing around in a pan and simmering in their sauce for a long time, held their shape but did not become hard and bouncy.

Best of all the kids were impressed with the meal and I wouldn't of rated it as a dieters plate of food. Really felt as if I had eaten an indulgent satisfying meal.  Now to try try these wonders out on cookie dough to see if they perform as well with that :o)