Saturday, 4 August 2012


It's no surprise to those who know me, but I am addicted to both cooking and cook books.  Just today I could not resist buying 2 new books  and trying a new recipe for sweet potato bread.  I have no shame for these addictions.  But it's about time I started to use these books more effectively.  You see, what I tend to do is unless it is a baking book is to read cooking books like novels and then use ideas from recipes or techniques I have seen/read about.  But now I think I should really start using these books in a better fashion.  So as of today I pledge to create and blog about 3 recipes from books I have per week.

Being this is me I cannot promise these recipes will be exactly what the books have shown me and it may be a pretty lose version of the recipe but I will let you know where I got the idea from at least.

Luke and I are about to step into the kitchen to start on a rosemary sweet potato bread from Mary Berrys One step ahead book. 

First recipe in a new book so hopefully it will turn out ok. We chose this as it looks great and we actually have most of the ingredients, so fingers crossed we will be back with a great looking loaf of bread and tales of our adventures  later tonight :o)