Tuesday, 7 August 2012

raspberry rippled cream filled meringues

Sometimes it's the little simple pleasures that are the best.  Yesterday at the market I was tempted by the smell of fresh English raspberries.  Their aroma just screamed 'BUY ME, EAT ME, YOU NEEEEED ME' my first thought was raspberry ice cream but somehow I wasn't in the mood, strangely enough I used very much similar ingredients for these as I would of done with the ice cream.

The meringues were a basic of whisking up the egg whites adding around 50 grams of caster sugar per egg white and adding a very tiny amount of gel food colouring. I piped them out in shells

Then put them in a very low oven ( gas mark 1/2 for nearly 90 minutes until they came off the paper easily.  I stored them overnight in an air proof container and today we simply whipped double cream with a little vanilla extract and a teaspoon or so of icing sugar and added some slightly crushed raspberries into the cream and stirred though gently.  We sandwiched some together with the cream and indulged with big smiles on our faces.  Simple but oh so very good :o)