Sunday, 5 August 2012

Rocket and lemon couscous


Today I realised I had left Nigella Lawsons Kitchen down between a chair and the wall.  I knew we were having salmon for tonight and griddled cheesy courgettes and wasn't quite sure what to do with them until I saw this on page 90.

The couscous is fried briefly in a garlic oil then stock added and simmered and stirred until stock is absorbed. Then heat is turned off and pan covered with a lid to steam.  Lids are very naughty creatures that run away in our house so I cling filmed the top instead. 

After steaming it was simplicity itself to fork through the couscous until it's separate and fluffy then adding lemon zest and juice, spring onions, rocket and seasoning. 

I was surprised actually as Luke loved this despite 'bits' and was a recipe where it would go with many summer meals. Or even with meatballs as suggested in the book.