Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rosemary sweet potato bread

This recipe was from Mary Berrys one step ahead book and was easily followed and worked out well even with my son 'helping' :o)
In true me style it turned out I didn't quite have enough sweet potatoes and I subbed jarred roasted red peppers for the peppadew sweet peppers that were in the recipe.

We started with mashed sweet potatoes which were cooled and then put into a mixer with rest of dough ingredients.  Although I didn't quite have enough of the potatoes I still loved the orangey colour the dough was. 
After this rose until double it's size it was time to knock down and knead in rosemary and roasted red peppers all finally chopped. And shaped into a giant dough nut shape
After being left to rise again in came Luke who egg washed it and decorated with rosemary sprigs
And into the oven it went for 30 minutes.  It came out a little darker than the picture in the book but was perfectly cooked within we felt
No one flavoured dominated this but were all there but nothing standing out strongly,  Was a very soft tender bread with a soft crust.  If anything we felt a little cheese might improve the flavour and lift it all, but could also wreck the amazing texture.
All in all although it wasn't a WOW bread, it was a very nice bread that would be perfect for a lot of different uses and go with a lot of different meals.  We are going to also try it as base for cheese on toast tomorrow if the hungry teenager leaves us any that is ;o)