Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Crackle bread

This was a Lorraine Pascale recipe from her latest book Fast, Fresh and Easy food. And like all her recipes it tasted brilliant.  There is a small amount of wholemeal bread flour which really adds to the taste and texture beautifully. 

My top didn't crackle to well to look like tiger bread or giraffe bread. But the taste and texture were enough to forgive this. I wasn't sure if the 'thickish' paste was indeed to thick and added more liquid.  It's a yeasted mixture of yeast, rice flour, oil, sugar and salt so I think I might of diluted it to much. On the other hand I have had to buy a new oven as mine died. So Could of been many faults on my behalf as to why mine didn't crackle to well. 

Below is a photo of just before it went into the oven with it's crackle glaze. It is certainly going to be used again in our house.  We love Lozza here :o)