Monday, 17 December 2012

advent 14, 15 and 16 War of the worlds the new generation

Advent 14 was pack a bag for going to London to visit the O2 on Saturday.
Advent 15 was drive  up to London to see Jeff Waynes War of the worlds the new generation :o)

Luke is a massive fan of the musical war of the worlds version by Jeff Wayne and when his dad told him last year there was going to be a new generation version Luke was very excited.  A friend on twitter had said how amazing the shows were and I managed to get a great deal on the tickets and a hotel so decided to surprise Luke a few weeks before with these tickets.  So we spent almost 3 hours driving up to London.  highlight of the drive up for me was going over Tower bridge!

By the time we got to the hotel we were ready to relax and rest as you can see here!

After dinner at the hotel we caught a taxi to here
The O2

Entering the O2 and going up to our seats was an experience as I am not to good on escalators as it is and these went up and up again beside great windows you could see below.  But we made it up and found our suite and seats and got settled.  We could send tweets and some were going up on screen and ours got put up much to Luke's embarrassment

Here is Luke waiting impatiently for it all the start.  Unfortunately early on it was a bit loud for him and I didn't get to take many more photos.  Not because he was upset for long but I was listening to the show and lipreading Lukes constant commentary! I Haad an amazing time as did Luke.  This was one Christmas present he won't forget in a hurry I bet 

Advent 16 involved hot chocolate and watching Elf as we were both tired and were to worn out to do much else.  Fantastic weekend all in all.