Friday, 7 December 2012

Advent 7 pizza!

We are getting into the swing of advent adventures in out house and thoroughly enjoying all the fun we are having with these.

Today Luke had a hospital appointment so we were out a large chunk of the day so I did wonder if we could fit in todays card instructions. To make a Christmas themed pizza and watch a film wearing pyjamas before bed time.

So we started with pizza dough.  I have tried a million doughs over the years and at the moment we are using half strong bread flour and have ordinary plain flour in the dough, Seems to work for us.

dough ingredients
250g strong bread flour
250g plain flour
2 tablespoons olive oil
 large pinch salt
table spoon of instant dried yeast
300ml luke warm water

you could mix and knead this by hand, put on the dough cycle of a bread machine or use a stand mixer like i do if you have one. until a soft silky elastic ball of dough.  I then leave in an oiled bowl for around an hour until doubled in size and I use a shower cap to save on cling film 

Luke was given the choice of what he wanted for topping for a Christmas theme.  About the only thing I think he did for Christmas theme was a red pepper star and used venison sausages for the meatballs. He had fun though spending time pressing the dough into the tin and decorating and arranging the toppings.

We cooked for around 20 minutes in a moderate oven and thoroughly enjoyed eating our pizza watching the journey 2 the mysterious island together.

our toppings included, chorizo, roasted red peppers, black olives, venison meatballs made from sausages and mozzarella cheese.  The tomato base is half red pesto and half tomato puree.