Monday, 17 December 2012

advent 17 Baileys fudge

I adapted a recipe I had used last year to adapt vanilla to baileys fudge
so in a pan I put
75 ml baileys
75ml evaporated milk
100 ml milk
400 g white sugar
75g butter

Place in a largish pan and stir over a low heat until the sugar is dissolved before upping the heat until it boils.  then lower the temp a little so it is not constant boiling and stir constantly until the thermometer hits 240 degrees  it starts off looking like this

Fairly pale and as it gets to the desired temperature it gets thicker, darker and the bubbles sort of turn into a more aerated mixture almost

When it's hit 240 remove the pan off the heat and leave until the temp drops to 230 degrees.  Then stir and beat with a wooden spoon for 8+10 minutes until the mixture becomes smooth and slightly grainy, half way through beating I added another 2-3 tablespoons of baileys to add more flavour and help it be a bit more creamy and not to grainy, It felt quite smooth but was getting hard to stir at this point below

I placed it into a lined loaf tin and pushed and firmed it down and left it to cool and set. Ready to cut up and package up into bags as gifts over the Christmas season.

Well it's the morning after and we have sampled a small piece :o)  This fudge is quite crumbly but still smooth if that makes sense? It's not dry and crumbly.  Came from substituting half the evaporated milk for the baileys.  Still all in all very nice to eat though :o)