Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent 2 with cheese!

Today we had a short lay in,  When I woke Luke he charged out of bed and down the stairs to open envelope number 2. Am curious to see if this will work on a school morning tomorrow though! Anyway todays adventure was to visit the French market nearby and buy a present for Ever (my beautiful granddaughter and Luke's niece) So off we went a bit tired from yesterday but still looking forward to it all..

We arrived and met a friend and started the day with a much needed coffee. We had visited another French market nearby before and were both impressed by them but this one seemed very empty and not half as big as others we had been to.  However we did get our french baguette Luke had been after and a selection of cheeses so it was a great success in that respect.  

After a bit more shopping we all decided we were all tired and had shopped enough and we all needed to say goodbye and go home and recover from 2 days of shopping. 

So after getting home it was obvious we needed some lunch, and what better than our bread and cheese? I remember Lorraine Pascal doing roasted garlic and baked Camembert before and decided to have a go without looking it up so in a baking dish I put in a little extra virgin olive oil with a squidge of honey, seasoning and a few sprigs of rosemary and just cut the tops off of garlic bulbs and placed cut side down in the dish and placed in a moderate oven while I had a quick shower. 

Around 25 minutes later I had decanted the cheese and placed back in this wooden tub minus rest of packaging and cut a cross into the top.  I placed this in with the garlic.  On the lower shelf I put the baguette to warm and go crispier for around 15 minutes.  I was a bit worried the garlic looked burnt black when I took it out of the oven but it was a sweet caramalised flavour not burnt. 

Luke had great fun squeezing garlic cloves out of their papery cases and onto his bread and dunking his bread into oozy cheese.

This was all that was left :o) We ate with Christmas carols gently playing in the background and chatting away about things we would like to do, War of the worlds the new generation, school holidays and Christmas trees.  Another delightful day where instead of just a bit of chocolate we made a few special memories and enjoyed each others company a little more than we would of done otherwise.