Monday, 17 December 2012

Advent 9 Balsamic beef and Italian market

There's no doubt this child is mine given his love of food and cooking.  Today there was an Italian market in the village. yet again we were a bit disappointed  as half the stalls that were there earlier in the year weren't here this time, but ee found some nice mini focaccias to snack on and some pasta to take home :o)

Also while out shopping we bought a Santa key and a reindeer for hanging on our Christmas tree

As the weather had turned very cold and I had visited the butcher and bought a lovely piece of beef brisket on Friday I decided to make balsamic beef today as this is a family favourite which is great for starting off and leaving in the oven on slow until needed 

Piece of brisket mine was just under a kilo
2 onions roughly chopped
head of garlic seperated into cloves and peeled
2 fluid ounces balsamic roughly
5 fluid ounces beef stock

In a pan that will go in oven I took my seasoned beef and sealed it on all sides in a few tablespoons of oil.  Remove the beef and place in the onions and garlic on still a fairly high heat until just starting to colour and at the edges and then pour in the balsamic vinegar until it sizzles almost away then pour in your beef stock and place beef back into the pot.  baste with with liquid and onions and put on a lid or tightly wrap in foil and then place in a low oven for around 4-6 hours at gas mark 1-2 is what I do with mine.  

When you are ready remove the beef to rest 

And the dubious liquid and bits don't look to appealing right?

Well all I do is blitz this up with a hand blender and it thickens up perfectly and looks like this

We usually serve this with mash and veg and it is pure comfort food.  I have had people just sit and eat the gravy out of the gravy boat out with a spoon as it was just so good :o) 

It may not look fine dining but it is a good homely tasty dish