Saturday, 1 December 2012

Advent calendar

So here it is 1st December and the countdown to the big day starts. This year however I decided to do things a little differently with Advent calendars for Luke.  I get really annoyed in a way at the just chocolate advent calendars. Don't get me wrong chocolate is great but I also wanted to make Christmas a little more personal and fun again.  Somehow I think some people forget there is a lot of fun to be had in the lead up to Christmas. So I hatched a plan which involved a pack of small Christmas cards, a card holder with pegs and chocolate coins.  Plus a list of fun activities ready to lead up to Christmas.

In each card I put the activities for each day and a chocolate coin and attached them to the string and pegs like so

Then when the card has been opened then I am going to simply reattach it and we still have a pretty string of cards, even if they are all similar. 

This was the card for today.  In it it told Luke we were visiting town to do a little Christmas shopping and a coffee meet up with a friend of ours :o)  Also today was the day to write out his Christmas letter to Santa and we would post it tonight when we wandered down to watch Father Christmas switch on the villages Christmas lights tonight.

So Day one is a busy one and so far we have shopped and had our coffee with a friend. On the plus side I have got quite a few of the little presents I wanted out of the way and can wrap them later.We also bought a few cheap Christmas CDs and I am singing along to it as I type, feeling that Christmas spirit has eventually landed in our house.

Last but not least we won't forget to light our advent candle tonight.  And I have swapped my tea light candles around the lounge etc with Christmas scented candles :o)

I can't wait to share rest of Advent days with Luke with the activities and treats I have planned in the run up to Christmas :o)

To finish off the day we visited the village for the tree switching on ceremony.  Santa arrived via fire engine and was manic.  The pics are a little blurry sorry.

Lukes bubble gun flashed different colours giving illusion the bubbles were all full of light and colour as they flew off :o)

The day finished with chips from the local fish and chip shop.  Luke however was more impressed he had the puzzle pages of his new paper wrappings lol