Wednesday, 19 December 2012

advent 18 Marzipan

Now last week I said on twitter I was about to marzipan my cake, which lasted all of 5 minutes as I obviously got distracted and promptly forgot.. Todays advent card told Luke we were icing the Christmas cake. So instead we marzipanned it instead!

I made Dan lepard Caramel Christmas cake.  found >>>>here<<<< I did swap a few ingredients and fed the cake with brandy and whiskey (not on purpose)  and the cake fills the room with the most amazing aroma when opened to be fed.

Also I make one square cake and cut it in half making 2 cakes. One for us and one for my step dad and mum. This is a view of the inside after I cut it.  It did actually look darker and is not dry at all.

So we placed the cakes on their makeshift boards and started rolling out marzipan.  Before I had finished rolling the first bit Luke was asking about leftovers. I left Luke to brush warmed apricot jam over the cakes and I was impressed it all pretty much stayed on the cake.  Then we smoothed on the marzipan. Bumpy cake as I didn't trim it for flat edges but we did trim a slither to taste ;o) So after a few days of drying out we will ice the cakes and decorate.