Monday, 3 December 2012

Advent 3 with gingerbread

Day 3 of of our Advent calendar was a bit quieter than the weekend.  Was still lots of fun to be had.  The card read that we were making gingerbread stars for the Christmas tree.  It's not up yet but might as well be prepared.

So we washed our hands and donned our aprons and posed for this photo :o)

I had made the dough earlier in the afternoon and used recipe in the great British bake off showstoppers book. However Luke decided he wasn't that interested in stars and was more interested in snowmen. so we started of choosing our cutters and adding a heart one into the mix too.

The dough had been rested and was probably a little cold which made it crumbly but we rolled it out in small sections and it worked well like that 

Lots of concentration and a few ripped heads off snowmen later and we had 2 trays of shapes to bake at gas mark 4 for around 10 minutes

And the first lot out of the oven looked like this 

As it was a school night we were a little limited in what we could do as homework and exercises needed to be done. Nice crunchy ginger gingerbread shapes.  Very nice indeed.  Now where did I leave my piping bag and gold ball bearings??